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I'm just curious. What if Gai chops off Shu's left hand now and takes on a second Void Genome? Can that happen, and Gai has void powers in both arms? I know it is never going to happen, but it would be curious indeed.

Originally Posted by inori View Post
so my fellow GC lovers answer this for me CAN SHU COMBINE VOIDS LIKE GAI DID AFTER STEALING HIS ARM?
Shu was able to do it before, so I don't see a problem with him doing it now. So Shu using multiple combined voids would be pretty awesome. I wonder if he has a protection of sorts, so that if the void breaks, people won't die?

Originally Posted by Trudinh View Post
I was a little confuse,
How can shu control more then 1 people void at a times? Why do shu die if he use it twice?
He has been controlling more than one void at a time since the high school break away arc. Remember all the voids were out of the students that were fighting to break out?

Haruka only anticipate that Shu might die if he uses the Void Genome again, since it messes up your DNA. She stated that if an incompatible person uses it, he/she will die. It was only her theory, but you never know until you try.
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