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Originally Posted by allfictions View Post
...why WORST?

And as a personal preference, I would remove Birdway as well unless the date was poking fun of her brocon.
Oh she links specifically into the overall plot I got in my head.... But also its because with Worse has the whole "bad girl" thing going, I can put Touma through much misfortune as Worse tries to "break him"!

Yup and Birdway in there totally for Brocon jokes, as well as "this isn't a date" jokes. I also need to figure out the most embarrassing person to see Touma on "date" with Birdway...

Originally Posted by the one above all View Post
You could include Kanzaki since the date could Touma's way of repaying her after he used her the way he did in NT10.
She could be fun to, and a nice contrast to the other girls, since she's more mature and less evbol than Worse, plus they have a nice friendly dynamic...

I think do a Saintly Sunday then!

I might use Saten for Saturday as the "nice normal girl", she can be pretty funny, and fit as nice contrast for both Worse and Kanzaki.

What I really want to do with this story, besides make jokes at Touma's expense, is try to put across why all the different girls are crazy about Touma, since most romances stories are ship unbalanced >.<
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