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Funny how intrusive thoughts work. Remember in NT10's Afterword where Kamachi said he "wanted to write a scene of Kamijou spinning through the air and dislocating his shoulder"? Well, he probably infected me, cause one day, for some reason, I got in my head the picture of Touma fighting Fujino, and her "bending" him, and since then it never left me.

Of course, I only have the faintest idea in mind, but the basic would be to put the Psychics of the cases in the ToAru verse as Gemstones, which would not be that hard to do. Thanks to KnK's uniqueness compared to the rest of Nasu's works (in which timeline does it even occur?), the problem of Nasuverse's mechanics can be put aside by leaving the rest of the Nasuverse out of the fic. Unfortunately, it would mean no Shiki, or rather no visual appearance from her, since she is difficult to conciliate with the rest. I mean, Gaia can pass off as the Power of the World, but Akasha? And the Origins? And the Mystic Eyes being so OP it's not even funny?

So it would only be the Psychics, with the exception of Azaka since her Spontaneous Combustion is close enough, and she would not be the first Magician in AC (with Motoharu and Etzali&co.) anyway. All of them would have been brought to AC following the Gemstone search back in SS2.

As you can see, it's very rough draft, but I feel like there's something to be made here (incidentally, it would bring focus to poor Himegami and gutsy Gunha). I would place it either after Touma's return on November 5th or during the Cultural Festival Arc. Let me come back later with a rough snippet.
KnK is in 1990's time. While I'm not sure on Tamni year aside from date. I don't know what year it is. The earliest is 1995 where Shiki and Mikihisa met. They are still going to school on this time.

hmm. So your idea is to set some characters as gem stones? well its possible but if I remember it right Fujino has some form of telekinesis. It bends the target area. If its Touma. He can either feel it or read its target spot. He doesn't have MEDP so see it but Touma has precog and high level of instinct. Specially in the later part of the level that even attacks that can't be read or evade was still manage to deflect or at least evade a bit or outright dispel it with IB.

hmm. Azaka's ability can actually be classified as gemstone with its instant combustion on whatever she touches. Its also possible for Meruka's ability to see the future and the path to future to be a form of gem stone. As long as its not too different from each other but then again. Gunha's ability as gemstone can't be categorize as one ability. Its more like multi-skill.

As for nasuverse world's mechanics. I think if one isn't too strict to rule and can bend or ignore some rules in the world. The nasuverse and tamniverse can be mix.

Akasha can be explain as the will of the living and its pretty simple as that.

For the origin of each person is different. Well it can be link to personal reality because each individual has their own personal reality too.

mystic eyes are indeed OP but well. The user is still human and it depends on the corrosion level of the eye. As it corrodes more of the brain of the user. Its easier for the user to kill the "world" itself but that will leave him unhinge or insane.

The difference probably is in nasuverse there are magus and in tamni there are magic users. The magic users in tamni just uses the magic as a tool for their goal. In nasuverse they will probably be called heretic because they aim for akasha or whatever twisted research they want to conduct.
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