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Originally Posted by videoman190 View Post
The game begins when Vincent, a vegetarian who has no ambition in work or love (I'm not sure if he's literally a "vegetarian," or if the term "vegetarian" is some sort of metaphor for his personality) runs into the mysterious Catherine one day. At night, he has nightmares.
I suspect it's a mistranslation, because the expression is "herbivorous men" (soshokukei danshi) rather than "vegetarian men".
The phrase is generally applicable to men who are friendly and home-oriented, and not aggressive toward women, love and marriage. Its opposite is nikushokukei joshi, or "carnivorous women", referring to females who pursue active lifestyles.
The expression has slightly derogatory connotations, because men are supposed to be, well, manly in Japan. In other words, a herbivorous man is considered to be a somewhat emasculated male.

The Western equivalent would be the mythical Sensitive New Age Guy. America's NPR has a pretty good story on soshokukei danshi over here.
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