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Well...some of the more interesting first round:
A-11: Koromo v. two Strike Witches, split guarantee...
A-12: Mokkan v. Miki. Possible RKB split also.
B-6: Not really interesting or say, but poor Tsumiki drawing Toki the first round...
B-7: Hidamari Assassination #1?
C-1: Shizuno v. Toshino Kyouko. Possible Yuruyuri split, but I doubt it
C-4/C-5: Not "strong" group, but Tamayura is really getting shafted...even if Maon won against Maria, she still has to face Norie/Potte, if Kanon don't win C-5. 3 girls, only 1 left after 2nd round at best...
C-8: Mildly strong group
E-2: Erio v. Yumi, with Hiro in their possibly trolling as well. 2nd year in a row that Erio gets shaft?
E-10: The one and only all-Achiga-hen group, and Yuu has to face Arata...
E-12: Yui will have to fight to get out of 1st round again...
F-5: Karen v. Kanna.
F-8: Group of death starts here...Nyaruko v. Nadeko. Poor Morita-san. Whoever get out of this, well, probably get to face Kuro (F-7) and Ryuuka (F-9)
F-11: Shirakiin should win, but Tooru and Yoshika are not weak at all.
G-1/G-2 2nd Round: G-1 is mildly interesting between Momo and Mayoi. Momo and Nodoka will fight in 2nd round instead of QF this year, though, if they both advanced. Hack, Nanasaki Ai is in G-3 also to throw things into more chaos.
G-9: Tsukihi v. Rea.
H-3: Another group of death. Mayaka probably won't compete much, but Miu v. Poplar...
H-4: Yep, Shana will be out the 1st round again.
H-7: Mio 1st round out again? Her opponents are not super strong (Toki-esque), but assassination can easily happen.
H-10: Another group of death. Elsie and Eu are not as strong as they could be, but throw them together with Ikeda makes things REALLY interesting...

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