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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Put yourself in Kinemon's shoes.

In the sense of "I risked my neck (literally) to save you, and this is how you repay me!? You ingrate!", or "Ah, it brings me great joy as a father to see my boy safe, sound, and in the company of two fair maidens"? I mean heck, we still don't even know whether or not Kinemon is a single father......

Originally Posted by rpgman1 View Post
In the newspaper, Law has a bounty now along with Luffy due to the alliance? That shouldn't be since Law is a Shichibukai.

Pretty sure that's Law's "old" bounty poster. Remember, before he became a shichibukai he gained a pretty huge bounty hike (from 200 to 440 million), so the poster probably came from around the time he was collecting the pirates' hearts for the WG. Plus, notice that Bepo is on the poster, who still has yet to appear in the story since the skip (and no, that one color page doesn't count)....
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