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King's Justice
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My copy shipped today. Time to reflect a bit about my impression when I saw this in theater.

First of all the negatives: despite being a movie, there were (not sure in the BD version) some noticeable drops in quality in a few scenes. While nothing spectacular, they really stood out.

As for the story, I remember when the movie was announced, there were strong reactions especially due to the lack of certain characters.
While I won't got that deep into details, as there are still people that have to see the movie, the lack of Graham wasn't really what bothered me that much. Instead, I think a few semi-side characters suffered more, Chrono in particular. He had a pretty decent role in A's but here they talk about him quite a bit, but he really doesn't do that much save in the finale. Yuuno is another that got his role reduced a bit, but was less problematic, at least for me.
I didn't like Volkenritter much even in A's so I'm not really the most suited person to give an opinion on them.
The story, since it tries to compress the series in a single movie, sometimes has focus problems, especially near the end.

For the positives, the animation, save the details I mentioned earlier, it's pretty good, the music is nice and all the cast does a good work as usual. The fight scenes in general are good, and the whole movie can be considered quite enjoyable (for sure, it didn't feel like dragging).

All in all, I think it was worth the ticket. And the BD.

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