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Originally Posted by Clarste View Post
What do fanfics have to do with Light Novels?
In Japan, one form of self-publishing is done through the keitai, and the stories are usually pretty light. The writer uses his keitai to key in the story, chapter by chapter, and puts them online. His readers then go to read it. I believe that a few of the writers' works have been published in real life now.

Side note: Chinese writers have something similar, but they go through an online publisher like Qidian who, if they prove popular, will sign the writers to contracts. Once signed, future chapters then cost a few yuan each for the non-pirate readers. The really big writers get book and/or game deals.

Translated into Western terms, the writing part is closer to fanfic than the self-publication process, IMHO. If velderia is serious about doing an English version of the light novel, starting out - and then growing beyond - this way is one possibility.
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