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Originally Posted by bbee View Post

You don't mention, however, the insanely convoluted ways that they choose to involve Horo in Lawrence's crazy dealings. Or the fact that pretty much all the drama would be deflated with some more communication between Horo and Lawrence (the drama at the end of the pyrite arc falls apart if Horo had talked). Oh, and the standard anime trapping of brickwall male lead paired with tsundere female.

This isnt some action packed fantasy/supernatural/dramaromance anime but a slow-paced "feel good" romance between a traveling merchant and a fox deity...
And for a god-human romance i think the drama was pretty good and realistic. You cant expect them to just have a quick chat about it dont you?

Originally Posted by bbee View Post
Oh, and the standard anime trapping of brickwall male lead paired with tsundere female.
Although Lawrence isnt the "standard" playboy, you cant compare him with the useless, annoying dull protagonists from those romance/harem animes... He manages pretty well around girls and is as much caring and attentive as you can expect from a guy with Horo as possible... What he struggles sometimes is with the idea that Horo isnt just any other girl but a fox goddess... couple hundred years older than him and inmortal too >.< It should make anyone nervous and a bit stupid.

And Horo doesnt fall under the tsundere category either... most of the times she is just teasing Lawrence. She doesnt act differently when they are alone or with other ppl... i mean you cant call those few love-love moments the "personality change" of the typical tsundere girl.

Originally Posted by bbee View Post
I can predict right now without having read the novel that S3 will feature even more insane and unlikely ways for Lawrence's personal and economic intrerests to combine in an effort to center the drama around the relationship with Horo.
Well it is obvious that their everyday life would have some economic and political issues involved... after all Lawrence is a merchant and Horo is a fox "deity" that the church would gladly catch. The interesting and fun part of this series are those situations they get involved and how they come out of them.

Originally Posted by bbee View Post
.....Your review is a very good analysis of the part of S&W that makes it enjoyable: the organic character growth, their familiar banter, slice-of-life setting, well rounded side characters, and the slowly simmering romance......
......What I will say for the show, is that it has some amazingly well-written, aptly placed and subtle dialogue, which I'm sure is pulled straight from the novel. Season 2 was actually more enjoyable for me than the first, due to these character interactions. Oh, and the OP is probably the best of the year......
It wasnt that bad (?) *.*
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