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I wouldnt go that far. As I see it, she just hopes for a good outcome. For a "happy end" or something like that. She knows that greed and the focus on making money often leads to a dangerous life, misfortune and an early death. But nevertheless she hopes and longs for the same as every person that wants to become rich:
Freedom, independence and a carefree life. Thats how I see it.
I got the same impression. Abe knew that what she was doing was not noble or anything, and she sort of hated herself for it. But she knew no other way to live. She was hoping that it would all work out in the end, despite her acting like her late husband, because all she had left was hope.

I also got the impression that once she realized how pathetically alike her and Lawrence really were, she couldn't bring herself to ruin him. That's why she gave him the deed to the inn and spared his life, despite running off with his money out of greed (or, since Abe apparently didn't need the money, it could also be presumed that she *wants* to be chased.. although that's stretching it).
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