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if thats the case then she should have said something like 'im hoping for a better tomorow' or something along those lines.. just 'hoping...' makes no real sense and i dont really get the happy look at the end or Lawrences smiling reaction... it just makes no sense. She saw what that kind of greed leads people to, why would she go down the same path and just 'hope' it will turn out alright?

i think were all missing something

i guess thats just gonna stay as a confusing mar at the end of the story

i also kinda wondered what happened to the old man.. did abe kill him or was he waiting on the boat for her *shrug* dunno. The very end was also a bit strange, the dialog with horo and where they were walking to made it seem like they were going back after Abe to get their money back. That would be cool and i hope we see whats up with taht if they do ever make a 3rd season.. although its not looking so hot. I guess DVD sales havent been so hot

side note btw that i just found, a Horo workout vid! lol

man hope our dvds come with that. I guess season 1s almost here, full box set on release it looks like, awesome. Also looks like they went with Holo instead of Horo. I guess thats the 'right' way but i really like Horo better
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