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I disagree with you all.
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if thats the case then she should have said something like 'im hoping for a better tomorow' or something along those lines.. just 'hoping...' makes no real sense and i dont really get the happy look at the end or Lawrences smiling reaction... it just makes no sense. She saw what that kind of greed leads people to, why would she go down the same path and just 'hope' it will turn out alright?
She didn't say more either because it's the Japanese way, or because she was hoping Lawrence would understand from that little - which he did. They both felt less alone.

And she's hoping against hope. She knows that despite how much money he had, her husband ended up just wanting more. Never really happy. She's hoping she won't be like him. Why? No reason. She's hoping against hope. It probably says something deep and touching about the human condition and progress, but whatever.

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