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@ReddyRedWolf: Akari knew already from the contract choker, it was simply that she didn't care much about the fact they Keima was a buddy, and when did Akari lie to Nikaidou? Also, your last sentence is difficult to apprehend. Please clarify.
Akari only called Keima a troublesome guy. We didn't get any indication she acknowledge him as a demon buddy. We can never know either way yet.

Nikaido referred to the movie A Roman Holiday comparing Akari as a princess dating a commoner. In this movie neither the princess or the American reporter were aware of each others identity while dating.

As for the bunny ears lawyer. It means someone so ridiculous and looks ill fitting to his job yet appears to be a genius or magnificent bastard doing it. Elsee has an impressive rate of captures thanks to Keima. New Hell management thought they could use her for propaganda then thought better of it.

Though the term really applies to Keima with his galgamer background and using those talents to make girls fall in love.
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