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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
I like Junichi the most in Haruka's arc...imo, this is about the only arc that he feels he wants to chase the girl that he other arc he is like "Wow, a pretty girl is getting closer and closer to me, and perhaps I actually like her as well??"

Just a feeling, that's all XD I am not bashing the anime lol as I really like this's just that sometimes I get this feeling from our main hero...
I agree 100% with what you said. Most people don't realize that Junichi worked hard in order to make a feasible relationship with Haruka. Junichi gets bashed for acting like a puppy or roleplaying but if you think about it he is just "going with the flow" with Haruka whims and quirkiness. And his "foolishness" was able to make Haruka notice him, later made her fell in love with him and finally they get married. Junichi was also very decisive in that arc. When Haruka let her guard down a little bit, Junichi acted quickly so that he can create favorable situations.

Junichi in other arcs have a much easier time. He doesn't even have to do much because the girl liked him first.
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