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George's Character Song


"Sayo, this is not a request. It's an order."

Third, if Battler's demonic hands
Try to grab you, slap him hard
Fourth, when you're around men other than me
Don't blush like that

Fifth, don't give magic
The credit for our relationship
Sixth, if we're reborn again
Swear we'll fall in love again

If you call for me
I'll come running no matter how far
If you're not alive
Me being alive, being alive now
Let me just say: It's MEANINGLESS

Ah~ I love you, forever
Even when I'm old and gray, I'll still love you
I want to feel like this was destiny
From the moment I was born in this world

Ah~ I love you, forever
Even when you're old and gray, I'll still love you
If you break one of these rules, I'll give you a special punishment
I want to look at your flustered face forever

These parts scare me....
Good god George, Yandere much?
It just seems so...possessive
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