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Must Watch: Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- if it indeed ends up starting in summer, if not it's a must watch for me whenever it starts. And loved the recently released first trailer.

Very excited for:
Still really looking forward to Appleseed XIII, Blood-C keeps looking better as more staff news came out, and Valkyria 3 because I love the franchise and hope the third game makes it over here.

Will definitely check out:
No.6's staff and Bones interests me and scifi being my favorite genre, but don't care for BL so there might be too much of that, but the staff list that was added at the end of last month to the show thread made me pretty interested too thanks to the director.

Blade: Want to see which level of these Marvel projects we get for it as it could be good.

Dantalian for Gainax, though the setup of how the main character's meet has me worried it could go either way, hopefully Gainax's creativity overrides it and it's something good.

Sacred Seven: Sunrise original, mecha, and action. Basically similar thoughts as donquigleone above.

The Space Pirate girl thing looked like it might be fun if it has a bigger story behind it like it appeared back last year or so when it was first mentioned.

Croisee's not really my kind of show but I believe that's the one with the pretty gorgeous trailer so it might get at least a look to appreciate the animation.

And I'll continue watching Nurarihyon no Mago when the second season starts to see where it's going.

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