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That wall of text could use a bit of organizing. A couple of paragraphs would make that profile much easier to read.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Anyhow it's alright, and I like the tartan, though i find it interesting that it's closer to the ancient hunting tartan of the Wallace clan, rather than the red combat tartan, which would have fit with the Butei skirt a bit better. Then again, she is hunting, just not game... hunting for targets and lo-

Huh, I never knew that. *scribble scribble scribble* Useful info.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
... anyway I like her, but the only quibble is that as per Butei regulations she needs to have a firearm of some sort, since Butei must be armed with blade and gun. Perhaps you may want her to use the SIG P232 that the Butei cannon fodder in Episode 3 use, since it's also the issue weapon for Japanese police detectives.
She does, a shotgun to be precise. But I've been meaning to address this, considering there are several characters that don't utilize guns, how strict is the Butei on following this rule exactly?
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