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Originally Posted by Snowman24 View Post
*P.S.* There's a new valkyria chronicles pic at deviant art you need to see, Runty. a Marina one that... might explain why she's always looking tired, emotionless and all that... Shows what happens when she goes to sleep... I knew you'd either like it, or hate it, cuz it involves your favorite sniper.
That's something on what she'd have nightmares in real life and rightfully so. From the same artist, there's another one with Anisette showing her "fruit killing skills" on a Rebel.

That's why I wonder whether or not our beloved characters (in fanfics) would be able to unleash the beast within themselves to rip enemies (Imperials and Rebels alike) piece by piece... after witnessing town burnings, mass executions of civilians, etc. At times, I made the analogy about COD:World at War on the Russian front about what if our Gallians (with the help of other countries) pushed the Imperials towards their capital after Imperials started another invasion just a few years after EWII. Would some of them have gone rampaging, burning, killing and doing worse things on Imperial lands to make sure "they deserve everything they get... and more"? Possibly.
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