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Originally Posted by dniv View Post
Sorry to burst people's bubbles and for double posting, but here's some important info that was translated by JS06.

Shokuhou Misaki is officially not appearing for the rest of the season Railgun S, so no Daihasesai arc. JS06 translated an interview with J.C. staff. They put her in just as a show/nicety to the viewers. They said that the part where she comes in originally in the manga was hard to work with. Since they did put her in for fans and thought about putting her in now, earlier, because later would be more difficult, this means that they are certainly planning for a third season with Daihasesai which is good news, anyway. But this shatters the final hopes of any people who were hoping for Daihasesai this season or for more Misaki. Cheers.
Thanks for the info :3 Shame about no Diahasesai, but I already expected it so I'm cool with that. Cheers for third season!

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