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Magdala de Nemure. This is only one set of collection, so for this, I would say Rokka no Yuusha.

The second is actually a novel, not an LN. Decent love story, I must say.

Also, try getting とある飛空士への恋歌

I already bought the 3 volumes of Magdala de nemure and this is actually the next series I planned to read after finishing the one I'm currently reading. Looking forward to it :3
Rokka no yuusha I read the volumes 1 to 3 but don't have the fourth yet. (This is currently my favorite Ln, as if my avatar and sign weren't enough to tell this :3 )

As for Toaru Hikuushi e no koiuta, I'll look into it, thanks.

Originally Posted by apr View Post
I have 250. I will never read them all.

Edit: 117 read, I think. Ugh.
I think I read 103/141 -after counting . I have a lot to read for the same reason as you, as I'm also ordering from amazon.
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