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A complex "maybe"
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>>Winter&Summer - CCS~! the loop isn't very good, but still, 8/10
>>wingdarkness - for the picture one - I don't like how it's the same image as the one used for your avatar 7/10 ~_~
for the text one - uh. okay, I love a well done text sig, but this tells me nothing. ._.
This sig/ava combo has fake transparency. Deal. I hate it as much as the other person, but hey~! It was fitting, so meh! FYI, the person in them is HYDE from L'arc en ciel, seeing how the last time noone recognized him, I thought I should, maybe, straight out tell you guys?
Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto
@ Sakura-chan ... you a she right? ... keep using a guy on your sig and the -chan in your name. hmm, cant see your name...
No, I'm a 40 year old man posing as a 14 year old girl. Don't you know anything? It's obvious! And I just don't really like to put my name in my signatures~
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