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Originally Posted by Kira_Naruto
And again, that harsh rating would benefit Pelli as well ...
Actually, I don't think so. How should I have benefit when we're talking of a "cropping and put text" work? It's not much different from a static avatar, after all.
You could just say "-10 % because Pelli made it!"
Imho the constructive (destructive ? ^^) criticisms belong to the elaborated sign works and hence really doesn't belong here. Anyway as you wish...
1 point from rating on next KiNa's sign will be deducted ... regardless!

Mr.Hawq: I like the background but not much how the character is blend into it. Also the fonts are quite cheap but I do remember you said not to consider them since you create sign at school and the fonts are the default ones. 8/10

Sakura-chan: Nice background, the text is kinda harsh to read though o_o <--- glasses . And wow you change 1 or 2 signs per day, you sure are fast and creative! 7,5/10

Komataguri: There is plain simple and good simple. I'm guess your sign belongs to the second branch Maybe a bit too wide, but still nicely done and pleasurable to see. 8/10

lavielove: Another good simple. That's a style I particularly like. Fascinating 8,5/10

Torrencee: Yay for Caster! So Ambi(ence Blue) won't feel alone anymore now :x And this signature, Kila, is very sweet, nicely done in every details: the background, the transparency on the back. Really an excellent work 9,5/10
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