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Originally Posted by Syaoran
I've no homebrew at all on my PSP ^^'
It's always the latest firmware, directly updated over wifi.

My PSP-1000CKW (Ceremic White) has no warranty outside Japan, so I'm already very careful with it. Messing around with the firmware, isoloaders and homebrew is a big nono for me. A trip back to Tokyo to fix it would be rather expensive

As for games ... I'm really excited to get Naruto for PSP (Mugenjo no maki) within the next few days ^^ (Silly me pre-ordered it back in January )
Except that one, I usually play Bleach Heat the Soul 2 or Midnight Club DUB Edition.
mine is the ceramic white as well.. sexy as hell.. and i tried going around for isos, firmware and homebrew.. too complicated for my liking, not worth it having to downgrade your firmware and stuff..
what's a good strategy game for the psp?
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