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Good news!

New member brings good news! I have read the entire thread (and decided to join from what I read - great forum!) and saw that people mentioned the GSC Saber figure, and nobody thought it was coming back. Well, check these pages from GSC's pages to see the truth!



The red text beside the original sale date is the re-release date! So, we have both the Saber and Rin figures to look forward to again, assuming they can make them (the red text also says it's the 'proposed' date)! So, two Good Smile Company figures are in the pipeline for re-release! Something we should be happy about! Now, if only they brought the Magic Rin and Rider figures out again! *crosses fingers*

On another note, I have the Clayz Saber figure and she's painted perfectly, and the only mishap is her left hand - the resin is still there between thumb and forefinger, but who really cares? =D

I have the Swimsuit Saber on preorder with HLJ too, and will look into getting the re-release of Kotobukiya's Saber before it sells out. I have money shortages like many of you, however, so it's going to be fun trying to get these and other figures I want! O_O

Lastly, here's a wallpaper-size collage I put together of pics of the Clayz Saber figure I took!

Hope to see you around some more!
Deibi ~_^
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