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@blackcat: no, I label it "medieval" because that is the technology setting.... actually closer to Dark Ages countryside European style (800AD) or maybe Japanese Edo period or earlier. It has nothing to do with the humor factor ... "medieval" was full of humor (if a bit simpler).
To some extent, it exactly matches some D&D Japanese setting motifs minus most of the "magic" (so far).

Interesting that you label it a Naruto+Bleach (since Bleach was, mmmm, "ok" imo and I can't stand Naruto (again imo)

What attracted me to this show was a combination of the culture and setting plus the interest of watching how the relationship between Eruruu and Hakuoro evolve. I hope the latter isn't completely washed out by the "big story" - if this degrades into "verbal posturing -> fight -> recover -> fight" my interest will fall like a paralyzed falcon.

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