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Originally Posted by tkdtiger
The remote is still comparable in price to the 360 so really it seems it will not matter what system you get. It seems they're all pretty expensive. The ps3 is too expensive for me to buy, but it doesn't look like a bad system, although a few 3rd party have decided not to renew their contract with sony at this time due to worries that the system's price will make it less profitable from what I've read.

Alright, so a 360 costs $400 by itself. It comes with one wireless controller. Looking around at Amazon, EB Games, and Gamestop, the 360 wireless controllers go for...$50 apiece.

Huh. I must admit, that's more than I expected for the 360 wireless controllers. A friend of mine who's roomate has a 360 told me they were $20 and came with a recharging stand. Maybe he was mistaken?

So a 360, plus 3 controllers, would come to...$550.

Wii costs $250, and the controllers, with nunchuck, cost $60 apiece. So a Wii and 3 extra controllers would be... $430. That's still a $120 difference.
Originally Posted by Dark`
Well, while $40 for the Wii-mote and $20 for the nunchuk attachment might not seem that bad, you do remember that the nunchuk is an attachment, and it's been said before that Nintendo was planning to release multiple attachments. So...imagine if some games required you to get a specific attachment in order to play it. $20 for another non-nunchuk attachment might not seem too much...but if a whole bunch of these kinda games come out...
That would be more of a concern for me if I
(a) expected games to start coming out with unique attachments required to play the games.
(b)didn't know Nintendo's history when it comes to such extra peripherals. Nintendo has actually been quite good at keeping the price down on these in the rare occaissions they were required. Whenever I've seen Donkey Konga in stores, it cost about the same as most any other Gamecube game, despite coming with that required bongo controller, for instance.

I suspect games that do require additional attachments will be few and far between, and in most cases it is very likely the game will come with the attachment at no additional cost. I could be wrong, but if I am this would be a change in direction for Nintendo.
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