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Well, Berserk is my second favorite anime, and it has the best action scenes around. Its very dark and gritty, and has a good story line theres even a bit of romance in it, but after you watch the anime, you'll really want to read the manga. Plus teh main character is soo awesome. ^^

Eureka Seven is another good one, but it really revolves more on romance, rather then action and adventure, of course it has a good amount of both. This is my favorite anime. Ah, and this is mecha.

You should also try out the FMP series. Its hilarious and has quite a bit of action/adventure and the works. =D

Jyu oh Sei also seems to fit your cravings pretty well, but I can't say much about it, since I've only seen one episode.

I second Scryed, but similar to Jyu oh Sei, I've only seen about fifteen episodes, and it was the dubed version on CN.

Theres a few more I can't quite think of, but if they do come to mind I'll post them ASAP. =)
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