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Random Thoughts on Kanon Ep11
  • While I am glad that Makato was not magically forgotten in this episode, it is far too early to celebrate yet as she may be forgotten by the next episode. Until the series end, I will withhold judgement on whether they handled the girls' existences properly.

    At least it was handled better than the girls in Air though. Will we get to see Mishio in the latter episodes? Epilogues do not count.
  • On a related note, it was wise of them to showcase the family's acceptance of Makoto's departure, and their optimism that she would return in the future. It makes Yuuichi's( and Nayuki's, and Akiko's) cheerfulness that much more believable.
  • Was the opening scene a photo-realistic drawing of a cloudy sky or an actual photo? If it is an actual photo, it's going to remind me of the NGE movies( bad times, bad times). If it is an actual drawing, major props to the artist.
  • This will be the first episode where I will have to state that the standard of the animation quality has... erm... dropped? Honestly, I cannot say that the quality is bad, because it is still a gazillion times better than most anime out there, but compared to the usual KyoAni standard, it is a noticeable difference.

    We're such spoilt brats.
  • Additionally, there were a LOT of reused frames in this episode( although nobody can beat Gundam Slideshow Destiny), but just like in the earlier episodes, it was used for comedy; and so I can easily forgive them for this.
  • Makoto's manga have the word, 'Key', on them. For the few of you that do not get it, 'Key' is the name of the company that made the game Kanon is based on.
  • Lots of Mai action in this episode, and as an ardent fan of Mai, I heartily approve. Still... it makes me wonder how they will resolve her issue this early without overlapping with one of the other arcs...

    Currently cautiously optimistic that KyoAni will not screw over Mai fanboys by shortchanging her storyline.
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