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Thoughts on episode 11:


Thumbs up for the change in the mood of the anime. Not everything is about Makoto and the depression that comes in the aftermath of her absence and going by arcs, it would be downright silly to harp on about the sudden change in the mood.

Yuuichi is entertaining as usual together with partners Nayuki, Ayu and Mai. The exchange between him and the former seemed normal but hilarious in a way, probably thanks to their expressions. As a Mai fanboy myself, the 'Banzai!' part was of course another funnier and cuter (insert biaseness here) segment of the show. Ayu, of course, at the brunt of Yuuichi's jokes and an excellent dance partner with Yuuichi. Too bad he can't take her to the dance as well. Imagine what a hit they will be on the floor!


In conclusion, I guess one thing's inherent after watching the preview and the episode itself: "The way to a Mai's heart is through her stomach." [This is a terrible joke, btw ) In any case, I'll be waiting eagerly for episode 12 for more Mai goodness and a good storyline for her arc as well.

EDIT: Oh my, what a surprise...NO ONE voted below 8? Well, it's Mai after all....

But seriously, where did all the skeptics go?
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