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well well... this will sound like some fanboyism /fanatism but... hell, i can't really believe how KyoAni is dealing with such pace.

this episode was really welcomed : the depressed climax from the previous episode could kill the pace of the serie.
instead of forgetting makoto completely or transform the world into a bewailing state, they did a great job by putting such lighthearted moments (and indeed, several mentions to our beloved fox ~~ thumbs up for sugita and his performance when yuuichi said to ayu that makoto returned home.)

anyway, i really loved the humour here, and was surprised how KyoAni was bold enough to use the same joke twice in the same episode (but it was really effective )

but not only the humour was good, but we have a lot of cute moments ^^ (awww, nayuki and ayu sleeping together... akkkh, somebody would like to take them home )

anyway... i can't wait for ep12...~~ (as a mai fan, i'm already drooling with the preview...>_>)
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