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Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post
This Bluray thing is ridiculous. It's one thing to clean up some of the goofier animation cels in the BD release, but this is just unnecessary. I guess the very first change is okay (the TV version of the room looks REALLY barren there), but the rest of the "revised" screencaps honestly look like they're an exaggerated parody of how everyone touches up the BD releases these days.

The carpet and wallpaper are godawful and over-designed. Why the hell do all of the windows have eight layers of crisscrossing or shadows or something?

Wait, nevermind. The first screencap looks cluttered as fuck, too. It's probably the worst of them.
Seriously Mami, do you think you have enough crap in your house? Because I don't think you have enough crap in your house.

I don't know if Shaft would ever win an award for "Best Design" or not. But I can tell you that they'd run away with the award for "Most Design".
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