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Originally Posted by SummeryDreams View Post
私も、日本語が一番好きから、でもちょっと難しいでしょう。。だから、助けてください。。。それより、あな たは日本人ですか?そして、お名前をおしえてもらえますか。お願いします!!
[rough translation by RandomGuy:] "Since I too like the Japanese language the best, but it must be a bit difficult. So, please save me... Or rather, are you Japanese? Then, could you tell me your name? Please!"
It's really not polite to just type in Japanese when not everyone who's on the thread can read it. Plus you need more practice.

Like I said before, I can help you, but I'm not going to be your teacher. I'm not Japanese (though my wife and children are), and I'm not a native speaker, but I am pretty fluent (passed JLPT Level 1 by a comfortable margin) and have a good grasp of the grammatical concepts.

So, what is it you want to know?
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