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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Well... Batman and Robin at least had Ahnold and his laugh-tastic pun-filled dialogue as Mr. Freeze (which, yes, I'll admit that I liked a lot), and Batgirl's costume was kind of appealing... the rest of the movie... *shudder*... but these two elements...

So, it's basically Mr. Freeze and Batgirl's costume


The Swimming pool scene and Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki's many kimonos.

Hhhmmm... tough choice.

Looking at the worst...

It's the freakin' Bat Credit Card and Bat nipples


Kyon becoming an utter imbecile and subtitles beginning to make my eyes bleed from familiarity.

Again... tough choice.

I will say, though, that this year's Haruhi could still be a better sequel than Batman and Robin if the last few episodes offer up something worthwhile.

Kaioshin Sama - We'll see. I think that a lot of people may very well be counting KyoAni's income before it flows in when it comes to DVD sales. Seeing how the DVDs do will be very interesting - they may not do as well as you and some others think.
Well my wild guess is somewhere around 20,000 (which seems to be the common range for the top popular franchise names and brands) give or take a few thousand. So somewhere between 17 and 23 thousand on the first week. If there isn't a new Disney flick or an Evangelion product then by all current trends I'm fairly sure it will top the anime Oricon chart on release and probably for that week.
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