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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Well my wild guess is somewhere around 20,000 (which seems to be the common range for the top popular franchise names and brands) give or take a few thousand. So somewhere between 17 and 23 thousand on the first week. If there isn't a new Disney flick or an Evangelion product then by all current trends I'm fairly sure it will top the anime Oricon chart on release and probably for that week.
Well, I give you credit for putting in an actual guess.

I'll do the same in turn... if 20,000 is normal for a popular franchise name and brand, then I'm going to guess... 10,000 to 16,000.

I think that Endless Eight is really going to hurt. I've seen people on this board proclaim that they were DVD buyers in the past for Haruhi but don't intend to pick up the Endless Eight DVDs. I've read this elsewhere as well.

Personally, and to be brutally honest, I hope that Endless Eight hurts DVD sales. Because otherwise, you can expect animation studios to take a nasty lesson from this, and prepare yourself for some crappy cheap work from some of the bigger names in the anime industry...
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