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Originally Posted by Shimapan View Post
Megumi's appearance was interesting. I think she was a Burst Linker at an earlier time, but then stopped for some reason, without being completely defeated. Technically, she would still be a Burst Linker, but someone (or something) made her forget about the game. Then, something shortly bridged the memory leak, and she returned for a short while. Looks like she can change the stage to another one she chooses. Hope we'll get to know more about her and her abilities later.
I really do like this theory best out of all the ones I've heard so far concerning Megumi. If Aqua Current can erase Haru's memory, who is to say that she also erased Megumi's to a larger degree. It might not necessarily be true that Megumi completely lose Brain Burst and have it uninstalled. It could be in a hidden file/folder.

Again, the anime has not stated that losing Brain Burst causes a loss in memory. If anything, Megumi seemed like she was going to confess in the previous episode "something". At this point, we still are not sure if Megumi still has Brain Burst or not, or if her memory of Brain Burst exists are not. The only confirmation we have is that her experience for this one "shaman" time felt like a dream to her.
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