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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
This chapter sounds very weird
Before Ichigo used the FGT, Aizen couldn't even touch him
After Ichigo had used the FGT, Aizen was about to kill Ichigo, and thankfully Urahara interfered just in time to save Ichigo.....

Ichigo lost all his powers after using FGT, of course Ai-chan was stronger.
Originally Posted by sayde View Post
If Aizen turns out to be taking a hiatus from Bleach, then so will I.
Why? Ai-chan leaving Bleach would be the best thing since the Byakuya vs Ichigo fight. Ai-chan single-handedly ruined Bleach with his stupid haircut, and his ridiculously overpowered Shikai. No more Ai-chan and no more stupid fucking Shikon No Tama Hogyoku is a dream come true.
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