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*sigh* and i was hoping that Aizen would get a somewhat dignified death. Ichigo, however, looks ridiculously good with long, dark hair.

The part about the spirit king was interesting tho. They referred to it as a “thing,” so it’s an object? Gasp! what if the Hogyoku…. Naw, can’t be.

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Can't really understand the spoilers but....what if the Hougyoku will turn to Ichigo instead after Ai-chan is sealed ?
That's my guess. The H will somehow sense that Ichi was the one to defeat Aizen, and then deem him “worthy.” Or Urahara will offer it to Ichigo with some clichéd speech about how he deserves it and it’s “only right” that he takes it, but then Ichi will prove just how noble and heroic he is by refusing it. (and probably donating it to a children’s charity.)
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