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I asked the user where they got their sources. Here's what they replied with:

Hi again, sorry for my late reply.

First of the all, how would the people outside Japan know the sales of Umineko DVD&Blueray? If DVD do not sell, BD will never come out. Umineko DVD has been still selling because of the new video game series, and I called to the Frontier works and they answered the average sales of DVD is around 2000 copies, and there are also DVD sets that comes with multiple DVDs. Additionally and the most important of the all, the original Umineko VN didn't sell at all.

Can you tell me the name of the forum that you went across?

Additionally, did you point out the purpose of Umineko anime(as a promotion of Umineko itself, and it's DVD sales made a nice profit out of it neverthless it was very unpopular when the anime was made)

I also talked to the people who are making Umineko DVD, and Ryukishi was very appreciating the outcome and the profit done by anime.

In Japan, you can easily meet Ryukishi07, if you go to comic market.
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