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Originally Posted by battle22 View Post
So the Anime was nothing more than to get attention to the VNS?

... I can see some truth in this, since I did get into Umineko from the Anime, but the whole purpose was that?

Deen went into such a big risk? And as I mentioned once, if it was so successful, why didn't they do Chiru?

The answer he provided was his own subjective point of view and nothing that can be established as a fact. Furthermore, it's impossible to prove this.

I can also talk about how I met Deen's Chikai Kon in Japan, use some fancy words and correct grammar and say that they are planing to make a Chiru Anime.

Ask him if he knows anybody in the Alchemist, I'd love to find out if they abandoned the PSP Umineko port or not ... lol
The user made another comment:

Ryukishi07 has been very upset about weaboo fans of Umineko, since they keep spreading the fake rumors and hate on DEEN, who made the great anime adaptation of Umineko.
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