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Originally Posted by Velsy View Post
For the fight seen. I dont mind lots of blood in anime. Bones braking I can deal with but still cringe a little. but when it goes *past that* thats when I start to hate it and find it very hard to watch.
I'm past the age where I find 'gore porn' fascinating or even very tolerable. In this case I was pleased and surprised. Shinbou found a way to show the extreme nature of the damage Arargi soaked up in a style that was so 'pop-art' that I could not only just tolerate it, but also enjoy the balletic grace of the fight itself.

Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
As you asked, what kind of parents would deliberately leave something so dangerous to their daughter? Once again, it makes me wonder what Senjougahara really meant about Kanbaru's household. Had she been abused by her parents? The anime doesn't explain, nor does it give any clues.
I see your point, though I'm not sure we have the cultural context to figure it out. I suspect some kind of pun and wordplay on Kanbaru's homosexual attraction or a pun on the very concepts of physical or psychological deformity. Perhaps even a pun on someone being outside of social norms.

Let's see, I seem to recall some slang for consumers of yuri manga being something like "broken woman"...

--10 minutes with Google and Wikipedia later (curse you internets, keep your flying cars, where are my intelligent information space agents??!!)--

Here we go, 'fujoshi' - rotten girl. Sounds like a physical deformity to me. No doubt there's a tradition in Japanese culture (like all others) about physical forms somehow reflecting internal spiritual or social qualities, so this plays both ways.

Now all we need is a culturally meaningful link between deformity / inhumanity and monkeys / rain.

As for Kanbaru's household I think there are a few clues. Much more than Senjougahara, she's clearly the 'rich girl'. Large traditional estate. Servant in traditional dress. Typical spoiled rich girl neglect? Abuse by lack of love leads to 'unatural love'? She is presented as a mirror/compliment to Senjougahara in so many visual ways, so perhaps she is intended to complement her in an emotional damage way as well? Not physically betrayed and abandoned by parents, but neglected isolated and abandoned...


You know I don't care much for the new OP music, but the visual are stunning. Did anybody else find it very Utena-esque?

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