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You misunderstood me. It's not that I dislike the long dialogues. It's just that watching 6 episodes straight of it, with nothing else, can get pretty tiring. Also, it's not really the action I'm after either. What I'm really looking forward to is the in the climax at the end of each arc, particularly the twist found in it. For some reason, I just couldn't get myself to feel interested over the twist in Mayoi Snail, probably due to either my dislike for Mayoi or the fact that the twist was normal.
Hmmm... I did think the first episode in Mayoi/Snail was frustratingly slow to build, but in retrospect it totally made the real twist (Senjougahara's confession) payoff for me. Of course I was delighted with Hachikuji as soon as it became clear that she wouldn't be a token loli.
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