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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
The business dealings and flirtation in Spicy Wolf is mature and expects the viewer to catch subtlety in their dialog. OTOH, I find the verbal flirting, jousting, and sparring in Bakemonogatari much more "Shakespearean" in terms of the sort of wordplay and clever witty verbal dancing it has.

I don't really think its necessary to say one is better than the other ... its kind of like trying to rate a Noel Coward play versus a Marx Brothers classic -- they're both pretty witty and entertaining. I choose both.

And yes, the voice acting in both has been superb.
My personal dislike for Horo aside, I wholeheartedly agree with the above sentiments.

The style of dialogue between the two couples is very different, as is the dynamic running between the two pairs of lead characters. Unlike Araragi, Lawrence is more assertive and less likely to give in to Horo's jibes without putting up some kind of resistance. And, despite her occasional sarcasm, Horo is no match for Senjougahara in terms of spite.

Also, despite her often overinflated pride, Horo frequently suffers crises of confidence, unlike Senjougahara, whose self-confidence matches her huge ego. This differing aspect of their personalities goes a long way towards determining the kind of verbal barbs you'd expect from either one of them.
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