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I used to like KyoAni, but my opinions have changed drastically. It was around the time of Endless Eight and K-On 2nd season, though I didn't realize it so much back then. I was very disappointed when they decided to make Nichijou, but nowadays the disappointment has turned into downright indifference. I'm already convinced they'll never be the same again.

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Secondly in some ways yes, when some company produces one well produced and animated show (and I'm not even going to get into how they're nothing like KyoAni's level of animation) and people act like KyoAni have been equaled, it shows clear under appreciation.. like Jay-Z said "I held you down for 6 summers, damn, where's the love?".
Hm, I'm of the opposite opinion, here, and think that KyoAni is terribly overpraised sometimes. Everything they've been doing recently is average at best, including in levels of animation.
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