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Kyoanis situation reminds me a lot of the video game company Square Enix's situation lately albeit of course never quite on the same level. The circumstances of a company that got scared off by one ambitious failure to the point where they retreated into this shell of relying on having the best graphics and a strong supportive niche are similar though including the ever increasing lack of fan support where it used to be seen as unconditional. When fans see their favorite franchises neglected and a company appear to lack direction other than reusing the assets that have worked for them in the past they start to grow impatient.

Now its getting harder and harder to argue that Kyoani even dominates their own niche of cute girls doing cute things with great animation. In particular shows like Girls Under Panzer and the general output of Sunrise Studio 8 that really seem to be cutting into their niche of late present a problem they'll have to overcome. Kyoani can ill afford to give ground to competitors if they only have one niche as it appears and there's strong indications that trends are changing again and people are looking for edgier shows like Jojo or in the case of more Moe leaning perhaps SAO, Horizon and dare I suggest Madoka. With Tamako market apparently being only modestly popular at best should it not deliver them much of a profit I think they're going to have to make some serious changes in their course of direction. Its hard to say if the show would have had more of an audience now if they hadn't excised the plot from the show before it aired like they claimed but I think its a safe bet that it'll be a lesson learned.
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