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So far, broadcasters and distribution companies in other countries were lucky to acquire the titles, with mixed results, of course. Some cut them up in fear of offending the "moral values police" (i.e. the Roman Catholic Church), and others put in some questionable dubbing.

Prior to Animax Southeast Asia's version, we were the first country to have what was then official foreign-language (Tagalog) broadcast of Maria-sama, but never completed.

I've interviewed one of the voice actresses who played Yumi (and is now known as Nanami in the Tagalog version of Utena), and said that she was disappointed with the cancellation despite that they've finished dubbing the first season, and she guessed that the reason for the cancellation was partly due to pressure from the Catholic Church, pro-censorship and parents' groups, on the broadcast management.

Going back to topic, despite Geneon's pullout, I was hoping that a very competent company with a proven track record in handling anime faithfully like antique Ming vases should acquire Maria-sama... I'm betting on either Central Park or Rightstuf.
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