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Ok, so this may be off topic, but I just a quick one:
If you go to licensed thread, you'd see only topics of anime, not "threads" like this whole thread is dedicated to MariMite topics, so we can make as much topics as we want.. But in licensed thread here, you don't see any 'threads' but only 'topics' of animes.

Going Back:
If you noticed, like Sailor Moon who later on focused on Yuri, the yuri pair there (forgot who since I hadn't watched it) the supposedly 'cousins' were really not cousins. They were originally childhood friends who found love to each other. Of course, it was cut, cause in most Christian countries, these things are not widely accepted, hence some episode aren't even featured.

Inuyasha is also one example.. They 'dumbed' down the anime because the American licensors wanted to fit it for mass audience.. So rewrite, re-script and changed a lot of things so it will be 'easier to digest'.

I'm thankful Utena wasn't touched like that.. *sweatdrop* If that anime was 'butchered' I wouldn't have liked it.

Just think, if MariMite (with no plot but just character-driven development) were to have cuts, no subtle feeling into it, and interactions were dumber down.. I wonder if it would still be appealing?

I love MariMite, simply because the relationships are just wonderful.. But if it were changed for simpler.. I cannot describe my depression. It's like.. Maybe almost nothing happens!

Well, it is just a rumor after all, a terrible rumor, but if the licensor has a past reputation of 'butchering' animes, there's like 80% chance of MariMite being rewritten.. D:
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