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Hmm, actually I haven't receive a PM from you for a long time..

I see.. I just went to the Licensed thread, I didn't even see the animes available here that are long licensed..

Anyway, since it's already there, it's still nice to keep it alive, and I've connected the forums leading here and into another forum anyway..

Anyway, going back to topic.. If we look at Animax, the largest anime show in the whole of Asia, MariMite there have so many cuts! D:
Example was Noriko looking at Shimako.. OMG, nothing even happens there.. She's just staring at Shimako and it was cut >_<

So what more for others? Sei and Shiori story has many cuts, also Yumi kissing Sei, etc. any thoughts that will lead to 'girl love' or something like that. Now, here's the thing, what if someone never watched the subbed of MariMite? Then they would've missed a lot of things..

Some forums/boards for a certain anime mail and try to make the licensor change their mind.. Though a few are only successful, most were ignored because money is the case with them for their "dumb" down target market..

Worse nightmare would be re-scripting the whole thing..
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