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Originally Posted by Zaseka View Post
I can't imagine Ken-chan with a woman at all..well other than the cute Yachiru as a "sidekick"that is. He just seems like the type who doesn't give a fuck (literally :P)
or better he seems like the type who would pick up whores for a night stay and then go on with his life

Well,I don't think Ken-chan would ever need to pay for it. That is, unless females find handsome SS captains undesirable (looks around to see if any such specimen exists). But yeah, I can see him going the one-night stand route........all the fun, without any commitment to distract from fighting.

The only problem is, he'd have to restrain his manly strength to keep from accidentally hurting a lover........and that's why I think he needs at a VC or privaron espada lovemate. Someone who can bear the love, or at least copes well with pain. Hmm.......Zaraki x Nemu?
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