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Originally Posted by darkjester View Post
nice stuff...

diggin' the Rozen Maiden sigs... keep it up... practice makes better...

k thxs...
Thanks DJ...
Originally Posted by Avantoe View Post
More impressive signatures from The Chaos ;D i really do see you improving alot, hope ill improve as fast when i start doing some.
Thanks Avantoe....^^
Originally Posted by Photonbeam View Post
Whoa. As I was looking on the work done by people here, I found my request here which I asked at the Naruto Signature request thread. Thanks a bunch man.

Can I also request a 500x160 and a 500x200 size of this with borders and added effects and the Naruto logo somewhere in the sig? Thanks in advance.
I Put Your Req In Naruto Thread...
I Can't Do your Req Because The Pic Really Small...For The Size You Want..
And About The Border ..I'm trying To learn How To Do it...>.<
Originally Posted by konstargirl View Post
I really like how you improve in your signatures.

You should check out some tutorials one day. If you have gimp you can use this forum web:

Tey got great tutorials. If you have photoshop well I don't know any links from there. Anyway Good job.
Thanks Konstar-Chan For The Site ...Really I Need Some Tutorials ^^
New Sig For V Day ( I Know It Early But I Have Really Free Time)

Spoiler for Marina-Chan:

Spoiler for Miko-Chan:

Spoiler for Shana-Chan:

Spoiler for Kasumi-Chan:

I Hope You All Like Them..
There Still More ...I Will Make Them Letter ^^

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