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Originally Posted by Cyz View Post
Oh? Can't believe I missed the grand opening Keep it coming!
Thanks Cyz...And I will Keep them Coming

Originally Posted by mimi_girl View Post
Yay, you made your own thread. not bad for a beginner. keep it up .

Originally Posted by Avantoe View Post
All those new sigs you made looks really good, they somewhat look as if they are made on a different level than the others, you really are improving Keep up the good work
Thanks Avantoe... For These Wonderful comments..
Originally Posted by Marina View Post
I love it! Thanks so much for the sweet sig ^_^ now I just gotta figure out a rotation thingy so I can show it off
Originally Posted by KasumiGirl View Post
Aww thankies for the siggie Chaos onee-chan. ^^
I love it alot.

I can't give you any cookies atm. Bur you are definitely on my list for a V-day siggie.
Originally Posted by Shana View Post
Aww, thank you Chaos-chan! I'll use it around day 14 since it's Valentine's day ^^ Just wait for a bit, I will do a gift for you too!
I'm Really Glad You All Like it.....Since You All Made Sig And Gifts ..I Made These For You...
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